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More on Dehydrating

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It’s Tuesday, one of the favorite days in my week.  Yes, it’s true.  The highlight of my week is my CSA box! 

My son picked it up for me tonight and, as always, it was filled with goodies.  I’ll dehydrate a good portion of it this week. 

The bunch of radishes are already dehydrating.  I put the kale, carrots and peppers in last night.  The Kale was done this morning so I pulled that and replaced it with the radishes.

Radishes Drying

Since I put my baby carrots in whole last night, I think it’s probably going to take a bit of time to complete the drying process.  The peppers should be done tonight.  I’ve already used up some of the kale I dried two days ago in the turkey soup we had tonight.  YUM!

To DO Better

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To DO better.  To BE better.

Jesus was a man of action.  Go.  Do.  Be.  Come with me.  Go out and do. Love, it’s an action.

Someone once told me that they found value in doing nothing.  I disagree.  People see a need and they don’t respond.  Where is the value?  We see sad news reports and we think…gee, so sad.  Yet we take no action.  Conservative jump up and down against abortion, yet we look down our noses at single young mom’s.  We can’t have it both ways. 

Everyone has areas in their lives that can be better.  We should be encouraging each other to do better.

I am a mom of 8…why?  To DO better.  Most of my children came with trauma, drug and alcohol effects, abuse, special needs and other negative impacts.  Yet, they are not victims – they are suvivors.  I want to raise them to DO better.  I was in foster care as a child…my parents were unable to do better.  I have every excuse to repeat the pattern but I also have 8 very good reasons to DO better.

Please follow our adventures…to DO better!